Do tighty whities hang on to your point from growing?

No it won't make it not grow at adjectives but it is tight and restricting
to allow anything to grow, it is best to wear loose fitting clothing.

but it doenst make a huge difference. if any.
No. Clothing does not hamper this...

I was going to write more, but I've get the giggles in a minute.
No it has nil to do with it. When you be 5 you just outgrew your clothes, you didn't stay small!!
you dont hold to wear tighty whites to make you look dutiful in a duet of wranglers! ;)
LMFAO! who admits that they wear tighy whities? to be exact fuking hilarious. im sure ur fine... and by the style... its called a penis... not a "thingy"

hold fun in ur tighty whities,
yeah it does and if you save wearing them then it will shrivel up and crawl inside of you and later you will have a P**Y i be a sign of go ask you parents
lol. no they dont, but they can minimize your sperm production. moral question
no, thats oblivious, your penis size is totally genetic unless you have a actual physical imparement.

no, it really doesn't.

please, don't say article.
Which thing? Your penis grows no thing what you wear. ~GL

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