Any other guys out in attendance stopped growing at an impulsive age?

at 14, I was one of the tallest guys surrounded by my class at 5 10 and I thought I would end up REAL elevated, but that was where on earth I stopped - so I went from a TALL guy at university to an average size adult - I saw various of my smaller friends outgrow me and that was fairly a shock to the system ... any other guys out there who stooped growing precipitate and how did you feel going on for it?

I stopped @ 15, 5' 5". Don't complain.
I'm 14 now and if i don't grow at adjectives then i'm screwed.
Yes Bud, I hear you and am glad in that is someone else like me,

I stopped growing at age 14, be the tallest in my scout troop, one of the tallest contained by middle school. And I thought I be gonna take over the yougest of my mom's ethnic group. He is 6'7''. And I too am the youngest in my family connections so I thought I'd be just resembling him. NOT.
I am 19 and 5'8'' 135 IBS. Go figure.
I know a few guys who are around 5"4' and stopped growing at about 18. They filch advantage of their shortness. Shorter populace build muscle faster and these guys are jacked.
usually people that hold their growth spurts early stop growing sooner.
same here. i'm asian 5'4 when i be 14 grew 1 inch from 14-17 so yea... however i did gain weight. and it's not ethnicity or your genes that determines how high you are. my brother is 5'10 and he's asian and my other brother was resembling 5'1-5'3 when he was a freshman and when he get out of high institution he was 5'6-5'8. so i know it's not my genes cuz my brother grew 3-4 inches within high institution and i grew no inches.

ppl say asian ppl are short and don't grow, but i've see asian ppl in my college grow, half of them do partially of them is slower.

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