Am 18 years prehistoric and i don't know how to **** a girl even so how do u do it?

First you have to find a girl who requirements to. If you get that far don't verbs about the rest. She will forgive inexperience far more confidently than she will smugness and ineptitude.
It is really not that complicated. Your instincts should guide you through it. But for tricks and hints as to how to make it fun rent a porno!!
if you dont know how you should not be breeding!
My boss said on his first attempt thought the hole is resting on the abdomen until he found out that its lower than. try it. It least you will presently the softer area wherein you will pluck slide your instrument. The girl (in reality all girls know this) will instruct you centering anyway like using the computer when surrounded by paper works. centering.
2 points!
Put your hoo hoo surrounded by her ha ha. It's really easy. It feel really good. Most of the time, if you are have trouble finding the right spot...she will put it in for you. Just progress for it.
Just do what feels fluent.
uhhhh? read a book first there 's more fun persition than simply F4ck a girl
If you don't know where the parts are (which i don't know how that's possible, since you have to take form in highschool) look for a vagina diagram on the internet. You put your penis surrounded by the vagina. It's not hard.
walk get a porn
take a porn lol
stop beaing gay
and just do it.. if a caveman leanr how to ****
im pretty sure an idiot approaching u could figure it out
ummm...basically k.just ...yeas 2 points! JK, your instincts should guide you, in fact, do what feels correct
If you really need to know, email me.

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