A 38 yo masculine have low sperm count, practitioner give testosterone. Libido up and sperm count lower. Why?

A 38-year-old male is upset more or less his low sperm count and visits a “practitioner” who commonly advertise his miracle cures of sterility. The practitioner is a quack who treats conditions of low sperm count with megadoses of testosterone. Although his patients experience a huge surge surrounded by libido, their sperm count is even lower after hormone treatment. Explain why.

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Because of the increased libido, it stands to reason that you will ejaculate more. The more you spank the monkey the lower your sperm count
When the body is given an above-average amount of testosterone, it react by shutting down it's own natural production... The testes shut down and atrophy, chief to temporary sterility or a lower sperm count. Tamoxifen Citrate would be a better alternative to HRT contained by order to cheer normal oral exam and sperm production.
When you give testo, the testes stop producing tetso because a equipped supply is available. When the testes stop the sterol cascade go offline and sperm is not produced. Testosterone is not the solution for increasing sperm output. You will experience a huge semen release because it comes from the prostrate but sperm comes fom the testes.

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