Guys: Ever sit down when you pee?

I did the other day, and I feel suprisingly good. It be like putting mustard on a bratwurst. Amazing. That standing up bogus be getting too old. When I'm locked and loaded (erected) I cannot do it at adjectives. I was freshly wondering if I was the lone one who did this.

I sit down to pee when ever I can peek thru a glory hole and or be aware of like jerkin stale
Yeah once...
I'm pretty sure we all tried it out of curiosity.
so own the girls i asked they tried peeong standing up
lol yea i have so much better later standing up no?
Yes I have done it previously
its a common scraggy alot off men own ben brought up to sit and pee its alot cleaner also and also easyier to aim when sitting
yeah i tried it once, and i was contained by your situation and i was 'locked and loaded'. it be too long and it got surrounded by the water, so i stood up lol.
hahaha lol why

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