What does mutual masterbation show?

and if someone's(person A) semen was on the floor later someone else(person B) stepped on it, could person B catch HIV?

Mutual masturbation is two individuals engaging surrounded by the manipulation of each others genitals until sexual climax is reach.

HIV can only be transmitted by direct introduction into the blood stream. Sharing IV needles (drugs that must be shot up) or pricks from infected needles (healthcare workers are at risk,) sexual intercourse (where the virus can enter through the tissues within the vaginal or anal area since they fragile and consequently might tear easily) through oral sex (rarely, but possible since virus deportment fluid may be exchanged at climax and enter through tears or cuts in the gums from brushing teeth) through shared grooming appliances (razors, toothbrushes, etc. for like peas in a pod reason as oral sex).
Outside the body the virus is highly wimpy. Without a host it dies in roughly speaking 9 seconds. Still, precaution should be taken when handling blood. A simple 9 to 1 solution of sea and bleach would easily massacre the virus.
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If person B have a cut in their foot I don`t know...
mutual masturbation: giving you sex partner a hand situation.

no you can't get HIV from stepping within a puddle of semen.
Mutual masturbation is the act by which one personality stimulates the other's genitalia with the foot bringing sexual arousal. And no, the excretion needs to in fact enter the body.
if there be a cut in character B foot and person A be HIV + then yes it is possible
Mutual masturbation mode.to me..guy girl right? you do me and i do you...hah ha!

Stepping in it noo not receive anything they have or could enjoy or are very thoroughly unlikly to even have hun.
it way that one self masterbates and the other person masterbates,at one and the same time.
Mutual masturbation is when a couple gets respectively other off beside their hands at equal time.

Person B would be safe from HIV as long as they own no open wounds on their foot. And even then, it would still be unlikely within the extreme.

Still, it is semen on your foot. Even if it is medically safe, wash it off should probably be a priority. But that's only a suggestion.
Mutual masturbation is performing the act of masturbation any in the presence of another or performing it upon respectively other.
For example, person A dose it as individual B watches, or persons A & B do it to respectively other.
The HIV virus must come in contact next to an open sore or a mucus membrane surrounded by order for it to infect someone, within other words it must have a pathway into ones bloodstream. Simply coming contained by contact with HIV infected semen on unbroken, nonmucus membrane tissue, such as a foot, as you suggested will not result within an infection. However, there are other forms of STDs that do not require this form of nouns, so one should always use condoms when performing any type of sex exploit with a being who's STD status is unknown.
Mutual masterbation is basically getting stripped with another guy, and masterbating respectively other--i.e. mutual masterbation. Giving your friend a hand, consciousness the strange, lots of other names. It is really have a good time beside a friend in a exceedingly intimate way. Good mode to learn more around male sexuality save for your own equip. . A lot more guys have done it than will agree, especially if they have have a few drinks!

As to stepping in semen--unless your foot have a cut on it, no way to draw from transmission of virus. And your foot skin is usually pretty thick.
"Back within the day".pre 1970, mutual masturbation was call PETTING. She masturbated ME and I masturbated HER. Dads did not like their daughters 'petting.' When we go 'parking,' we 'petted' often. Went to deeply of drive-in movies, but saw very few.
Of course not. Person B can just contract HIV from dirty toilet seats or mosquitoes. Or from consumption hot dog buns with penises contained by them.

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