How can u recount if a boy or a girl is virgin??

I think i might know the answers, only wanna make sure!!

you can't unless they notify you they are. if you do it with a girl and she's a virgin she MIGHT bleed because her hymen have broken.
When they tell you so and you trust them adequate to believe them. Estimating experience won't work. There are 30 year old virgins that their first time is better executed than someone that's be doing the deed for 15 years. Others may fumble around no issue how experienced they are. So, you'll just obligation to trust the person to describe you the truth.
when they are still babies.
Just ask them.
you really cant unless you look at 'examine them' which im pretty sure your NOT able to do or you ask them but they are probably not gonna recount you the truth
you can't really tell. you own to check their urine sample, if the girl is pregnant. or you'd hold to catch them within the act
ably you tell me.
You really don't kknow unless you ask them... some ethnic group might tell youu the agency they walk but it is not true.. It's of late a myth. So have fun asking around! =]
ummm.boy no.girl...single hymens can break from sport or pony riding or ******* the entire squad...hum difficult one.
A boy is impossible to tell. I be a sign of really how is putting your penis in a vagina any different than your foot or a jar of peanut butter.

A girl is a little easier. Younger virgins will still enjoy a hymen, but they lose it anyway as they get elder.
It's just downright strange that you even wonder such things. I cogitate you ought to stay away from children
you could ask them...
by talking men and women.

enjoy you ever done sex?

that how you know.

look into his/her eyes .

for instant you know is telling the true , for instint.

trust the soul telling the true.
you communicate me
they wouldn't be as shy if they weren't a virgan, but if they are shy then they most promising are a virgan
The best way to relate besides asking if a girl or boy is a virgin is... touch a girls booty or breast if she likes it she is not a virgin...if she voice stop she a virgin... i dont know about a boy though cuz they might close to it even if there
What is the difference? A girl can break her hymen contained by many different ways ..riding horses, using tampons etc..and she is still a virgin. I know of no approach you can tell if a man is virgin.
aaaahhhhh, ive hear guys with forskins say aloud that it hurts them the first time and girls the same entity, i dont know man good query
you cant, its impossible unless you know them personally and even consequently they could lie. People fake about sex surrounded by person adjectives the time that's why they have these spread out forums so real inhabitants can talk ....
You run up to them and ask " hey ...are you a virgin?"

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