Belly Button Fluff?

Do girls get it? I've never have it but I have see all the guys I hold ever been next to get it, is it because they hold hairy bellys that collect lint? :)

I don't parsimonious to laugh - but what a funny, and worthy question.
Yes, men are usually the merely ones that get it due to the mane around the belly button. Hair is like little hand that will grab hold of anything it can.
My bet is if GOD FORBID you find a lady beside a hairy belly button, she too will hold belly button fluff.
Anyone can get it if they don't verbs out their navels.
Hairy belly buttons collect lint easier than not hairy ones, but girls do procure lint too. I get fluff caught on my piercing.
anyone can find like lint or soap residue or crusty stuff (eww) surrounded by there if they dont verbs it ..kinda like how ur muzzle get boogers and ur ears find earwaz..its a hole..and stuff collects in holes close to ur ears and nose..
My outmoded dad sure always have it. Not me, ever.
Girls I've known enjoy gotten it. Best way to rob car of it is every time you step out of the shower hold a cotton swab (or two if necessary) and swirl it around in your navel. Works great for me to save my belly button lint and odor free, quick and natural.

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