All the girls out here what do u contemplate just about asian indian guys?

The one that I've been next to was other gifted. He be a nice guy, but we just didn't click. Which I'm okay next to now, since I'm presently married to a great guy.
what about them? lol
i have a sneaking suspicion that that on top of BO you get a small pecker..

sorry man.. bad combo
:] ? idonno, im asian, so i guess contained by interest in aisan guys more? haha i hold no clue.
Was there such a combo? but hey, no problem within this end, I love adjectives men :) well, as long as they enjoy a butt to pinch.
I love all type sof guys! All men are sexy! As long as you are a right person!
they have 2 b hot, athletic and smart and near tht combo lol u need $
never hear of that mix.
well..not my type.
It depends on the guy! Your see or ancestry isn't what makes a guy OK or not OK. Is the asian indian kindly, smart, considerate etc?
I think they are too downy
Smells baddddddddddd
MANN! why yall guys answering his question? he said girls? i denote im just really adage what im seeing, not answering...are all the guys who answered look check out other guys?
I agree w/ the guy above me. And it looks similar to they all own bad things to right to be heard while the women have apposite things to say. I assume that adjectives the guys that replied are white. Someone please prove me wrong.

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