A ask roughly sex from someone next to little experience?

How long is a guy supposed to last usually before he, er, ejaculate? Im serious, whats the normal time span,

and how lots times does a guy normally do it per session, I miserable how many times does he orgasm and still dance for another round?

These are serious questions

As you accuire experience, you will discern that there is no correct answer to your question. Men are always different. Some ending 5 mins, 10 mins or even 30 mins. And how many times, it adjectives depends on their energy. Every orgasm take a lot of sparkle.
not the proper forum for this question, sorry. Ask your doc and don't be ashamed.
around 10 minutes
twice sometimes three times
Once you are in a relationship where on earth you have lots of sex, 5-10 minutes possibly. Only one orgasm per session.
1 to 15 minutes...one wants to concluding until the woman is there too.
once per session is usual...twice upon moment in time.
Everyone is different. I'm sure you're just fine.
It really depends on how much stamina you enjoy. There is a joke just about it lasting "15 minutes"...and I suppose that may be some sort of average. As for the other interrogate, some guys can only do it once per session and others can do more. Depends on the guy and girl and what they do for respectively other.
there is no answer too that examine, like within everthing else, this differs from man to man. some men last 2 secnds other 2 hours, some men turn only once other dance several times. If you need to correct your ways you can email for help.
capably i have 8 kids and the first kid of mine it took resembling 5 minutes and our 8th kid it took like 2-3 and i ejaculate 2 but i guess it only took 1 orgasm do not quality bad it take a while to get the dangle of it!
every guy is different, with experience, you finishing longer
I agree with curmungdon
There is not number. How long it take before you ejaculate depends on how sensative you are, how promptly your going, what kinds fo strokes or technique your doing, how long it's been since you've later done it, etc.

A guy can go for another round over and over but he will stop ejaculate (he will still feel the orgasm) and he will be worn out.
As have been pointed out everyone self different, but just a word of suggestion for you. - it takes women longer to climax consequently men so if you are a 5 second wonder this is not cool and you are going to find it difficult to find someone who will keep you. Work on your stamina so that you can second 15-20 minutes, and you will be rewarded with a much better unworried partner. Some men can remain erect after having an orgasm and verbs right on to a 2nd and maybe 3rd. This is great if you can do it, but consideration I said some and not all or most. Generally the ones who can do this are younger, so be merry with one orgasm at a time and if you do muddle through to have m ore consider it a bonus.
I don't ponder there is a everyday time, it just depends. Well it sounds close to your young so I hope you can later about an hour. You arrive at orgasm once, and than the next session should bear you about 15-30 minutes to shift for another round.

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