36" waist impossible for a 15 year older?

I am male 5'6" 145 lb 15 yrs matured, with a 36" waist and 33% body heavy. I was surrounded by good shape final when I used to work out a year ago, 5'6" 115, 28 in waist, body flab 13%. I just want to know if I'm ailing. Also, does anyone know any home fitness tests or home fleshy tests? Thanks.

Im 19 i weigh 167lbs and my waist is 31inch... I regard u should start exercising.U r out of shape...
i would read out you're out of shape. A lil overweight but not too much for your age and largeness. Just excercise more and lay off the butterfingers.
Greater than 30% body corpulent is considered obese. Actually when you plot your weight against norm for your age, you are not too bad, but at 5'6" you weigh too much. More worrisome is the speedy gain you have made surrounded by the past year, indicating that you hold a good randomness of continuing to grow at that rate. That could be very fruitless for your long-term health. Slow down, chomp through more sensibly and verbs to get exercise.

Sorry, I don't know any home fitness or flab tests.
yes u r im 14 5'9 150lbs and 29 inch waist and 30 percent body heavy is getting obese srry
Yes you are out of shape, if your honourable shape was when you be at 115; even with some increase surrounded by height, you are probably overweight. If you can pinch more than an inch of flab on your stomach, work to lose it. Don't worry going on for doing any tests, freshly work out and exercise.
I think you are frail... just find back to the gym will minister to

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