How long should it be at 13?

hi, im 13, almost 14... and im 6.75 inches... is that good or unpromising??

It doesn't matter. I'll tender you an example, although it has to do beside breasts, instead of a penis, but you'll get the concept. There was an actress ( Ann Jillian) who have a double mastectomy, and she had made a comment, after her surgery, nearly breasts. It's not word-for-word, but she said something along the lines of, "Unless they can sing or tap hop, they're nothing special".
If you are an inch beneath 12 inches, then you are grossly undersized. You might want to have a word to your doctor about it right away! You could own prehensilitis.
its true im 14 and mines only 4 1/2 inches when erect. I own a really bad skin of prehensilitis.

bahahah! what that guy said is bullcrap, haha its kinda funny though. uhm i would say its a worthy size, comparing it to the average 6 inches. you will probably grow more since males normally stop growing completely around 18-20
You're big for your age. Trust me..
You're capably above average, and should be proud of your appendage - if that type of thing matter to you.

As you get elder, you'll hopefully get wiser, and realize that the size of your dick have very little pose on anything, other than impress the guys in the locker room.

If you're of above average intelligence, it would be within your best interest to stop thinking about your size and concentrate on on the way the rest of your body, mind, and emotions.
thats polite. above average. im 14 1/2 and im only 5 1/2. be merry you lucky lucky boy
im a teenage girl and you are a juvenile perverted boy! wow wut a turn off dude!
oh my gosh! dude! you enjoy a very impossible case of howus longus isuss mysuss penissuss. you should dance to a doctor right away! just kid you are a couple INCHES above average
im like your age and mind is 5 1/2 you are lucky!
Go see a She John! Good For You

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