Another grill I entail answered, please?

If asked, would my doctor prescribe something for me to help me obtain taller?

taller? your height is inherent ,,you can't do anything about it sweetie,,,unless you be barney fife and you were put contained by that sling hanging contained by the closet trying to stop his hiccups but grew 1/2 an inch,,,,,,lol,,,,,,,well i have to jump fund in here and donate this,,,i heard that the chinese enjoy this stretching rack,,,,,,,,
There is no such thing, prescribed or otherwise. Your height above sea level is your height.
guy contribute it up once you are done growing you're done. theres nothing any doctor can prescribe to construct you taller. be happy next to where you are at.
Been at hand, done that. Nothing you can do, all the drugs that would engender you taller would mess you up. ex. Andre the Giant. There is one solution though, bone grafting. Don't even try it though! It is supposed to be sore and you could permanently sprain your bones. There is no simple medicine that will formulate you taller.
Nope because there is nought to prescribe.
Depends on your age and whether you have enter puberty or not. A regular doctor cannot do anything about height above sea level, it would require examination and lab test by an endocrinologist. Hormonal therapy is used to relieve kids with serious growth issues, but if you are short becuase your mom or dad or grandparents are shorter than average, you won't usually bring treatment.

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