I have need of aid please?

i am 5-1o and i am 175 pounds.
is that considered as a fat?

Sounds impeccably average to me.
absolutely not unless you are a super model
5'10" or 5'1" no within any case jeeeeeezzzzzzzz!
if ur 5-10 explicitly fine. if ur 5-1 ur huge
great.. ur healthy

welcum to d club
dont focus so your just gooey thats all
powerfully ask yourself this ... are you fat?
its easier said than done to say if a human being is fat by wight because muscle weigh alot more then flab
if you wear clothes over clothes then you might :)
but for presently you seems lately okay :)
well im 5 10 and 175 also
and no thats not flabby for a model bc i model

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