Armpit sound out - bo?

How do you ensure your armpits do not smell?

What do you guys do?

Regular shaving, anti-perspirant, plz expand guys

There is a product out there calle Sure-Dry. It if truth be told blocks the sweat glands in your armpits from releasing sweat - and therefor you own NO ODOR.

Yes, it's safe - you own MILLIONS of sweat glands on your body - blocking up a few won't kill you!

You can also shave your armpits - men near more armpit hair tend to hold more odor - the smell sticks to the hair. Think in the order of it, if you're bald, does your come first stick? NOPE.

Simplest thing - shower day after day and make sure you dry-clean your armpits thoroughly to get the weak deodorant off. Then, dry your pits resourcefully and apply an anti-persperant with deodorant. (Anti-persperants stop sweating, but not other the odor!)

Good luck!
bath/shower everyday and plenty of deodrant
you've answered your own question wash helps a short time too
Wash well and apply deodorant. Not exactly rocket science.
Thats adjectives you can really do.Use deordorant with anti perspirant and that should help out.If they still smell and sweat alot then that could be a medical condition.Good luck.
bath regularly and wear natural roughage tops ( cotton )
Daily shower and spray on deodorant and then body spray - never have a problem
shower every day and use
upright shower gel and under the arms
u r cracking me up! u r fascinated next to smells lol.. too funny u r.
Showering and deodorant should do the trick, but if sweatines is also a problem opt for anti-perspirant...
Im a girl (you may have guessed!) but i suppose Mithchum deodrants are really good. For both sexes!
Use deodorant, and don't forget bear a shower as many as you can. And the most noteworthy is do not do an extreme move or sport b'cause sweting is the only problem.
valet you nasty azz everyday and use a worthy deodorant/anti-perspirant(sp?)
Shower daily my friend...Right guard power stripe is the best deodorant i own ever used.
Shower every day and Right Guard!
Wash thoroughly everyday beside a decent shower gel, use an anti-perspirant, if you are still sweating or smelling consequently go to your GP and he or she will check you for any underlying medical problems!
What is it roughly you and smells...

Any how Shower Shower shower
Wash with soap and wet, dry with a verbs towel, apply a product that says anti perspirant and deodorant. Men usually do not shave their underarm fuzz. ~GL
Sweat is basically urine - its alike basic spend product used to cool the body, when bacteria take to work on it in a nice reheat, moist place (armpit), they produce their own waste products which lead to the smell.

Wash morning and evening with a perfect deodorant soap. Shield is excellent.

DONT use anti perspirant, it clogs the pores, use a good body spray - the alcohol content also kill off the germs that survive washing.

So you want to stop the microbes, not the sweat.

If you find that there is a residual smell even after wash, trim the hair (dont shave it), and wipe the nouns with surgical alcohol - it kill everything.

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