Before I travel to bed I be wondering should I crank one out?

yes, ill transport u some sexy pics of me to help you on ya track ;)

define crank one out?
I assume you are discussion about have a sh1t. Just do it.
Would that be before or after you finish asking stupid question?
disgusting fellow.
If your talking in the region of masturbating
Yes! Crank one OUT!
you'll sleep better.

Masturbate As often as you close to, just don’t over do it!

Explore your body find out other routines and try different technique so that you don’t get bored such as

Try experimenting next to your hands to fashion those inches feel accurate. Once you master I don’t mean in recent times plain ole jacking it, try using two hands, paw switching, using your hips, double twist next to both hands, rub your ball in circular motions as your masturbating not rock-hard but gentle circular motions, you can even verbs on them, be gentle until you return with used to it, use your imagination and act on it.

You can also use toys to acquire different sensations such as coc*rings and other toys maybe even butt plugs it merely heightens the sensation

Enjoy yourself! :)
Have Fun!
LMFAO at "Just Me." He say, have fun! Yippeeeee! I can a short time ago picture him masterbating to techno music and working up a sweat and just loving it. Hahaha. What am I doing contained by this section? Haha. Let's see I'm going to purloin crank one out to mean....hmmm..powerfully it could mean almost anything...another newspaper...another jackoff, a doo doo, an invention? It could be anything . So I would have to vote ummm yes??
of course it is the best instrument to pass time!
Cranking is ok but it can't compare to masturbating.

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