Besides ball & nuts, what other nickname can you come beside for testicles?

I once saw a list beside over a hundred different nicknames, but alas, I can't find it. What can you come up near?

my wife calls them man nugget :D
coin purse..
ballsack, sack, nads, pelotas, huevos, testicles, cojones
nizzoes, nads, nutsack
berries,testies,globes,man is adjectives I could think of.
dingle berries
nut sack, orb bearing, own flesh and blood gewles, gonads lol lol!
huevo bolas guevas
Why would you want to know other names?Does it situation.
family costume jewellery
Man tonsils
The following slang for testicles, could best be used when referring to being,

- punched right contained by the:

Pow Wow's, Jizzers, Private place, Bolas, Cookie Jar, Water balloons, Bull chips, stingers, zapatoes, big blast, head bangers, bail jumper, Paco's Taco's, Noriega's, Cherry Bombs, Ninja bombs, Bee's nests, ice cubes, mojitos, Patacones, dilloe's, spiral zone, squeekers, abandoned life place of safety if you know what I mean!
ethnic group jewels, nutsack, acorns, furry meatballs, teabags, ball, spectacles, man-danglers, hairy cherries, the "Ball" brothers, penis satellites, protein pack, eggs
Knackers, scud, bag,
haha i like the "furry meatballs" the most

how about - beef and two roast veg?

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