After masterbation my stern and collar pains may i know why?

after masterbation my back and d¨Ścolletage pains may i know why it remains like that for 2 days i own to quit sex and massage my nouns and have to wear a collar support belt may i know what is this ?? , dont talk just about the posture i am in , i tried every piece ..every way..

SG, within all seriousness - see a doctor.

It may hold to do with the muscles surrounded by your back and nouns (and the posture you are in when you masturbate). Sex play (even solo sex play) activate a lot of nerves and muscles. You don't usually see that happening. You could be cause strain on some muscles.

As I said - see a doctor - it may be as simple as I what I mentioned or there could be something else going on.
all right take it effortless. dont exert much.
man,you loose vital vitmins within body,so take guidance frfom doctor or u may face spondalytis permenentantly.
Because your a d**khead.

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