What can i do to enjoy more intuition when have sex beside a condom?

Grow a bigger penis. ha.

edit: Sorry, didn't realize I be posting in MENS HEALTH.
more foreplay and ultra sensitive condoms
i dont use them..could never find 1 big satisfactory for me..
Try different positions. Sometimes it will help near the sensation. Also, your partner may be able to use her muscles to assist squeeze and give you more sensation.
Trojan make a type of ultra-thin condom. My boyfriend thinks you receive a lot more sensation near them than with regular condoms. There are also things resembling warming lubricants that might relieve.
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If you are not worried about STD's, they try lambskin condoms. They are thinner than regular condoms and verbs heat better.
bring the sensitive condoms...this will make you discern a whole lot more.

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