A blood vessel popped contained by my penis when i be...what should i do?

, seriously I'm not joking, it could procure worse.

Do you mean surrounded by the shaft or at the frenulum, the point where the foreskin is tag to the top of the penis. If it is the later, which is more imagined then it is probably due to a small gash and will heal if you give up it alone. If there is significant bleeding however you will involve medical advice.
Go see a doctor you dummy!!~
wow. switch to softcore perchance.

i don't think a bursted blood vessel is the finish of the world. it will probably take approaching a week to heal.. and that's it.
Go to the doctor.
Not too serious;
A) It will self-heal.
B) Lay rotten for a wee while.
C) Avoid that spot, ie change your grip.
step easy subsequent time champ.
See yr doctor
go to the doctor, a urologist. right away
It could be relatively dangerous considering the pressure lower than which the blood in the penis can draw from... I'd go to a doctor only just to be sure. Don't want your dick to explode now!
I would stir to the doctors if i was you!

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