Best route to struggle sour the sexual urge?

What is the best way?------I anticipate fighting anything explicitly sexual AT ALL

and I'm a man

hmm how old are you? newly me guessing but you might be going thro puberty .. just agree to it go really theres nil u can do about it bcz sometymes guys find hard inconsistently.


alright i got to bequeath u this one. i dont think ego ever be able to reist the urge.. u get guts for even trying... but ur pretty much 16 most of ur friends are jacking off to carry rid of the urge but i think that make it worse nd the reason i mentioned geting complicated randomly is bcz if it happen ur ovisly gunna notice it next probly get thoughts contained by your mind... try to avoid gurls... that all i can voice
Staying a way from the things that manufacture you want to be sexual lol. For example woman.
Thats what I would do.
If staying away from the things that make you want to be sexual is out of the ask then I don`t know you shouldnt think in the region of them.
If for example you are going to your girlfriends house try not to lay on the couch with her and hold her try to stay moving so your mind doesnt wonder.
Why would you want to fight it bad?
Cut that thing rotten...

If u just disgust ur urge there is merely that way gone.

If u just wanna little control over it... get hold of a life...& stop thinking just about it...
what is wrong? you lost me, you want to be a monk? oh well to respectively their own
Your testosterone will always induce sexual urges. You can't really clash your body's chemistry on your own. There are some testosterone-lowering drugs being studied that might be of assistance. One call Lupron is being studied on men -->
Castration is another substitute, but I don't recommend that!
with tablets, there is some anaphrodisiac within chinese medicine. And I recomend "good" book to read similar to religious book or something

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