13 year old's average penis size?

I'm thirteen and a half years outdated. I masturbate frequently (about once every night) and am experiencing puberty. I'm wondering about my penis size -- roughly 5 1/4 inches long and 1 1/2 inches widespread. Is this normal for my age, or should I start worrying?

Other info:
I'm roughly speaking six feet high
Size 15 shoe
Masturbating since I was eleven

According to a survey conducted by Jackin' World Inc., the average penis length for a 13 year dated is 5.1 inches, so you're doing just fine. If you want to manoeuvre the thickness, wrap a string or measure tape around the thickest cog and give that breadth. It's harder to find info based on how tacky it is across. Measuring it with the string method is call the "girth" or "circumference".
You're fine, really. Don't worry give or take a few it.
talk to your parents
hold to lighten the mood since the ultimate response i gave. very soon, on to ur question. i suppose it really matter the most if you are a male or womanly! lol
you dont sound 13 but elder much older...hmmm...i wouldnt know i didnt lose my virginity till i be almost 15 and i lost it to a 16 year old guy so who know
you will be please to know that you are normal.
Stop playing next to yourself and start living your life.
yeah. your mundane. it will grow more by the time you finish puberty and probably more after that (it usually grows into the early 20s for most guys.
It's not all along the wand, but the magic contained by the stick.
normal, you should be 1,000 inches.
size 15 shoe goddamn boy..u better start playing basketball
no that isnt commonplace at all. at the age of 13 u should own an 8 inch penis
you are about average
Considering you are still growing including your penis, you might realize the average size of 6 inches (for adult Americans). Penis size depends on your see. By the way, you do not gauge penis by its width. You weigh it by its circumference or popularly known as girth. It is similar to measuring your waist. I do not meditate you measure your waist on one side with the sole purpose. You measure it adjectives around. The average girth is around 4.8 or 5 inches.

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