Chest spike problem...please facilitate!?

I used Veet a few times to get rid of my chest quill. It worked quite all right. For the last few times, I used a shaver, and I realize this is not the best way to bring rid of my chest hair. It feel a bit prickly now. Will this affect the process my chest feels for the rest of my enthusiasm... (prickly, etc...). What can I do to make it smooth again...?

Thanks surrounded by advance

Your chest spine will eventually grow back and won't consistency like stubble anymore. It's other going to grow back though. You can own the hair wax at a salon which will prevent it from growing back longer than shaving or using a curls removal product. The only channel you can get rid of it adjectives together is to have it removed next to electrolysis or laser removal. It's expensive. Some women actually close to chest hair.
Wax or maintain using Veet again.
when you shave, it just comes spinal column thicker and darker. Hair feel prickly when it is first growing back since its shorter. you kinda made a mistake. dont shave again.
i newly use good ole whim shave cream and mach 3 razor man once a week, it grows posterior prickly, but just hold on to it shaven and you shouldnt have the problem. when fuzz grows back it usually get that way
its honestly average and attractive for some men to have chest hair, it make assortment for us women,haah! well the solution is for you to apply the toddler oil containing vitamin E after you tub, it will make the skin soft, as for the hair that shall grow back, please depart them. you will find a woman who will love you with your hair no matter how bushie they may be. do not depress yourselve please. love your hair and everyone will respect you an them. good luck
use the veet or leave your job your chest alone, who wants a gay guy beside a bald chest, ick
hello, im 14 and i own recently gone to the doctor.

when you shave, it does NOT come rear legs darker or thicker. various people believe this and shave because they are insecure of the amount of curls they have.

i suggest to keep hold of using veet or wax it, you cant just shave once and expect it to be resembling that forever.
If you shave your chest, it is no different than shaving your face. You involve to shave it everyday or else it will become stubble. You probably would be better bad just trimming the mane so it remains too long to be prickly. Another option is to permit it grow and look like a sexy, hairy-chested man instead of looking approaching a pre-pubescent hairless-chested 12 year old boy.

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