Abs, Arms, and Pecs?

I have 5 and 10 pound weights, I can do sit ups, crunches, and push-ups if I need to. Can you give me a workout schedule?

I need to buff up for high school in the fall, because I'm so weak.

Or maybe you could give me a website to help. Thanks!

If it helps, I'm 14 and 6'2" and 1/2

Go to bodybuilding.com,
click enter supersite,
scroll down and click teens (on the left),
click teen writers,
click big red,
scroll through, I believe towards the bottom is an article about basic bodybuilding and it has a diet as well as a workout schedual. Do it, you will get buff. After your on it, go to menshealth.com and look at workout variations and metabolism boosts and you will get really buff.

Good luck.

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