Am I overweight?

Hi, I am a male, 9 years mature, 4' 6" and I weigh 320 lbs. Am I overweight? It is sometimes hard for me to hike down to the ice cream shop, but it is worth it because i other get the spectacular 10 serving spoon sundae with chocolate cake on top.

hhha ur an idiot. U a short time ago answer others questions next to pointless answers like :that sucks" in recent times to get points. so not a soul help this guy!
no you bmi is within a healthy continuum.
It sounds like you're lately big boned
This question is a prank. no way is it possible to be 9 yrs outdated and 320 lbs.
Yes, you are obese. You weigh more than an average grown man. Your question is palpably a joke, because its impossible that you weigh that much.
Only if you're not an OOMPA LOOMPA
if you 9 years elderly and that weight your unconscious by now. this is a banter question!

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