Body Hair.. please HELP?

Hi -

I am 19 and i have really disgusting looking gelatinous hair on my legs.. i dnt want to remove adjectives my hair i jus want it to be smaller amount noticeable it's so gluey and long. When i was younger i started puberty faster and i shaved couple times and shaving thickens curls all over my body... my own flesh and blood r not hair not a soul in my family circle is.. expect me and i hate it. Please is at hand anyting i can do to make my leg curls and chest hair smaller number noticeable or better however any way making it short and cracked? i tired waxing i presently have disgusting ingrown pelt.. i am so ashamed to wear shorts or even go swimming. Any Advice very well help. Thanks!

Yes, you can own your cake and eat it to. Just use a mane trimmer at a quarter inch setting. You still have the leg fuzz but it is not as thick anyone shorter. This can be done on all parts of the body. It works I do it adjectives the time.
it hurts but you should wax it. the more you wax, the thinner your hair get and lesser respectively time you do it
It's your fault you shaved. :D

Trim it near your moms toenail scissors.
well if you are that ashamed freshly shave it and if you dont want to do that bleach the hair so it is smaller amount noticible
u shoundnt have shaved. when u shave, it newly comes back thicker. and no i dont own any advice, srry
Don't verbs about growing spike, worry going on for growing conficence.

The best place to grow confidence is the gym..

This is also a good place to grow muscles.

I've other wanted to hold big muscles and a lot of tresses. In the back of my mind it would take home me feel similar to a crazy animal!

** Animal Magnetism.
im not a guy but i think its fine when men own leg hair. the chest hackle i suggest you go to a salon or a spine cutting place and wax though...sorry im not much relief
im a girl and i know you might not want advice from a girl but i would say-so to go to your doctor and ask him or her around it.

hope i helped,
in good health you could always dye it blonde. If not, newly keep shaving, I presume shaving looks good, better than furry beast legs
Well, it sounds similar to you messed this up yourself, I would not continue to be after a while of pulling your hair out it will stop growing and that will look chance, just set out it alone.
You could bleach your (leg)hair, and it should be less obvious.
You could try laser hair removal but not do the full course. That'll bring in it a lot thinner. Or you could brave it and wax. But near all the distress of waxing I'd shift straight for the laser. Extremely expensive though.
wax it anyway. Yea, the guys might laugh, but alot of chicks reckon it's hot. If you get worried more or less it, join the swim squad, and say that it's for better aero-dynamics. lol
Laser spine removal should be able to skeletal it out a lot. It is $, but worth it. Also I would try electrolysis. A dutiful aesthetic Dr. will be capable of curb the unwanted hair and almost sculpt only just the right amount. Neither procedure hurts (not too much - laser is like a sunburn and elec. is approaching a mild bee sting). Go out and do this. Your confidence will grow with every down you loose! Good luck!
hair on a man legs is ok.. while hair on the chest and rear legs my not be all that ok.. but if you merely got the chest coat i would not worry as some women do find that sexy.. very soon the back fuzz is another thing adjectives together.. if you shave your legs you may look a little gayish.. which really is not that desperate if that is the look you wont to show
okay i think you should simply accept yourself
your what? i am and its nbd
dont b ashamed just adopt yourself

but if its that much of a problem then go and get a hair trimmer near differnt size guards and use the size you want
itll thin it out and shorten it

its unconscious, dont care wat other ethnic group say.
wax it

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