14 year weak boy trying to gain muscle?

I am really skinny like 100 pounds and want to hold a nice body. Prefferibly not going to the gym. Would push ups or swimming help?

swimming def help i am a swimmer(girl) but i kno a ton of buff////hot guyz that swim but you have to stick next to it
Pushups will help your arms
Situps will assist your abs.
and lunges (takeing long steps and lowering yourself as close to the ground as possble) will help your legs.

do them adjectives every night.

OH! and munch through aloooottt more when your exersizeing so youll have the hefty turn to muscle.
who are you are you jason what every eat ownly macdonald for a month later you start to work out within two months you would gain 15 pounds and own some results
Just drink some protein shakes like Whey protein. Do a great deal of push ups and sit- ups. Some kind of routine. Example, every hours of darkness before you hop within the shower do 2 or 3 sets of failure doing push-ups. Which resources do as many as you can until you can't anymore, linger 2 and half or 3 minutes and do it again. You will seize big fairly soon. The protein however is what is gonna make you gain bulk because you can only bring back so big at 100 pounds.
swimming and push ups will help but the best path to gain muscle fast is to hoist weights (sorry) . if you don't want to go to the gym for doesn`t matter what reason , possibly you have a friend or relative that have a weight tool in in that home. or sometimes public parks have little gyms.
put together sure that you eat LOTS of protein!! it will relief with muscle gain
Unfortunately, contained by order to gain immensity (mass) any high rep (alot of equal movement in a row) excersise is foolish. Things like swimming and pushups (if you can do more than 10 or so) will produce you to burn fat but not necessarily gain mass. The easiest process for a young soul to gain mass is simply to eat resembling a horse. Most professional bodybuilders eat as much as three or four regular relations combined! They also eat as much protein (red meat) per calorie as possible since protein is what the body uses to get muscle.

The bottom line is that if you're a with ease thin creature you probably have a illustrious enough metabolism that it would be terrifically difficult for you to get grease. The food you eat will instinctively be metabolised into muscle and you shouldn't have to do much more than a mundane 14 year old does anyway. Just put away tons of good food (steaks, burgers, pizza, loaves...yes, complete loaves of bread) stay away from candy and cokes and don't spend too much time with the video games after you get through or you'll grow a gut instead of muscle...lol.
I was more or less 5'11" and 105 pounds at your age. I ate and ate, and played sports and stayed thin. I would utter at your age just preserve doing the swimming and whatever you close to to do. Just enjoy your youth. But contained by a couple years if you want to bulk up a bit then hit the weights. If you don't approaching gyms just buy a correct bench and free weights for your house. I can put on mass easily immediately, but at 14 it's not as easy. So freshly enjoy self young and do what make you happy.

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