******* size is decreasin, It be 5" 2 years final , 4" a year stern and very soon its one and only 3". whats the defence?

******* size is decreasing day by hours of daylight, It was 5" long 2 years subsidise , 4" a year back and in a minute its only 3". I masturbate like mad, i.e every 2 or 3 days. what could be the reason. is near any cure for it or any way to increase or aver the size.

It doesn't shrink...the tissue that makes it up is not something that can be enlarged nor does it shrink surrounded by size.

If you are seeing a difference in length...you may entail to lose weight as your expanding stomach may be varying the point from which you are measuring from...lose the shipment and your length will be back to what it be (and has other been)
There are a few questions I would entail to have answered in the past I could give you the best answer, however..
Our penises fade away in length after reaching their full size for two reason I can recall: 1. Decreases within blood levels of testosterone -or- 2. insufficient blood supply due to diabetes, glorious cholesterol, or the changes brought roughly speaking by high blood pressure.

I wouldn't deduce the decreases would be as significant as you describe, but I would see my personal physician if I be you...
I work for a doctor, and one time I heard him articulate that men loose about 1 inch per 35 pounds of mass they put on. That could be the problem, just loose substance.

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