Am i goin througg Puberty?

am i goin thorough puberty i have like mad of erections for no reason and ******* hair getting longer (but its blond)

i guess but dont worry going on for it

you will start getting hair pretty much every where on earth
voice will start changing
and you will start sweating plentifully so u will need deodorant
and your penis and ball wil start growing
and you might gain weight and grow taller
might start growing facial curls

nothing to be dismayed about
it happen to all guys at diffrent times though
probably so. you will know for sure when your voice starts squeaking on you.
Not if you are 78.
yes r going through puberty beacause i am a girl and i am going through it also and my puss hair r blonde too if u need a girlfriend come two me i am 11

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