Bigger afterwards Trojan Magnums??

My boyfriend and I just have sex for the first time and he was a virgin. We found that regular condoms be way to small so we have to go and achieve magnums. And those barely work. Is near anything bigger then a magnum?? and is this strange for a 14 yr old

I hold to repeat "TRASH BAGS"
When you're old adequate to have sex, come and ask again!
ask your parents for proposal; you are too young to be have sex
Weather balloons. LOL !
I know what you be determined , you unroll one of those and it says atmosphere on it
he can get within big trouble, you both can. Check your state laws and mind your Ps and Qs about making your private time public online! I'm sure the authorities are tracking your computer's IP address now and are on the process to your house, and his. Growing up is not always fun is it
Who is your boyfriend, Johnny Wadd Holmes?
everyone is built differently - at 14 your bf's equipment is fully developed so yes, it is conventional, but it sounds like he is above average - wallow in it!
No that is not unnatural. People are different sizes.
~Are you sure he put it on right? I don't think within is bigger than Magnums.
Please don't continue to hold sex.~
I use a wonder bread bag and rubber belt.
You're full of bologna.
Be careful at your age. Sex is not something explicitly to be taken lightly. Instead if pursuing condom information you should consider making your relationship more perceptive and stronger through abstinence.
you decision! probably not putting it on right since your 14! Grow Up
Well if you can't find a condom that fits, don't wear one at all! Keep have under-age sex and enjoy yourself why you can!
He's in recent times complaining about the condom human being tight. It might be , but it will still stretch. Magnums are more comfortable, but they will accomodate any guy that has a clad size shaft. Since it can be blown up to the size of a football, it will handle him. Don't permit him talk you into not using one.

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