Are u supose to fold rear the skin on the tip of ur penis ?

i cant pull spinal column the skin when i have an errection is this how its supode to be?

Some guys own really long foreskins that cover the head even when erect, and others hold shorter ones that only somewhat cover the head when flaccid. Some guys own tight ones and others have looser ones. How long your frenulum is (the little piece of skin underneath the herald, that connects the foreskin to the shaft) determines how far back you can comfortably retract the foreskin. If you hold a short frenulum, it doesn't go support as far, if you have a long one, it can progress back adjectives the way to the stand of the penis. As long as you can retract it enough to verbs underneath it and experience pleasure when masturbating (or during sex), you are fine.

There are stretching excercises that you can do to make it looser and to be capable of retract it further. After a warm shower/bath, stretch it adjectives the way up and adjectives the way backbone as far as you can (comfortably) every day. Eventually it will take looser and easier and easier to do. If you have an extremely tight foreskin, you can have a word to a doctor and ask about topical steroid cream which is designed to loosen up the foreskin. Just don't permit him talk you into a circumcision (unless specifically something that you personally want) because 9 times out of 10 it isn't compulsory at all. A circumcised penis solitary looks better to someone who is used to seeing them, otherwise the natural instrument is more common around the world. And you don't own to worry almost STD's or anything like that if use protection when you enjoy sex. Always get a second view before making a outcome like that, because they foreskin is a terribly sensitive part that you really don't want to loose if you can backing it. But I imagine the stretching excercises will work in recent times fine for you.
~Yes, so you can clean it. Bacteria can build up contained by there and lead to infections.
If this is too much for you, consider getting a circumcision. The doctor would pull the skin up and over the tip and snip it stale.
It looks better, it's cleaner, and you aren't as likely to take infections, STDs, or HIV.
If not, pull rear legs on that skin in a reheat shower a little bit at a time. Eventually you'll be capable of pull it adjectives the way put money on.~
The foreskin (that skin around the tip) should be easily retractable (can be pulled back) near an erection. If not you might have a condition call phimosis, where the foreskin slit is a bit too tight/narrow to allow you to pull it put money on. Fortunately there are various ways to fix this.

The first thing you should do are stretching exercies. See knit 1 for good and detailed instructions on what to do. You should do those exercises for a few minutes respectively day for a few weeks to a month, preferrably right after a shower/bath when the skin's most flexible.

If after a month and little/no progress, after ask a doctor about particular prescription creams that can loosen the foreskin. In one study, these creams are the most cost-effective treatment a doctor can provide (link 2, names of creams surrounded by one of the tables).

While both of the treatments above may take up to a month to capture the full effect, by combining them will almost always cause things go a bit faster. In nearly adjectives cases of phimosis these two treatments are all that's needed. Thus you should close the eyes to any comments suggesting circumcision (or any surgery) as the first/only option, as that's usually too severe a "treatment."

See the remaining links for more info on phimosis and dutiful luck with anything you try.

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