2 question going on for masturbation !?

---- well here's the first query : does mastubation make you crave more for girls or smaller number ? in other words; let's suppose you freshly masturbated and went out, will you rake more at girls or less than when you don't masturbate ? will you find a girl more sexually attractive when you masturbate or when you don't ?
(my english is somehow poor so i try to breed my question as clear as possible)
---- the second query is : Does the amount of semen in the testicles own anything to do with the libido ? (because when i don't ejaculate for a long time i have a feeling more desire for sex)
thanks within advance !!

1) One does loose interest right after masturbating, for a short spell of time. By the time you get to where on earth the girls are you will be ready again.
2) The amount of semen within your testicles has nil to do with your libido.
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hmmmm... neither for the first question...

if you don't do it the more you would want to do it...and if you do do it next you can't stop thinking about it

2nd grill:
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As for your first question...it depends on how long it have been since you second did it. After masturbation, there is an extreme loss of sexual desires. If you a moment ago finished masturbating, then no...you won't hold any interest in girls. At lowest possible for another hour or so. But your overall attraction to girls will not diminish at all. Even if it is a prolonged obsession.

For question # 2, it does come across that the longer a person go without "pleasuring themselves" the greater desire they own to have sex or self sex.
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Neither. Your craving for girls will pretty much be standard whether or not you masturbate. Masturbating will simply allow you to satisfy your sexual inevitability without a girl around, but you will still become aroused by girls if you are within an appropriate situation. Even when I had a steady girlfriend and be having sex everyday, I still masturbated within between. Most married men still masturbate as well. Unless you are a really promiscuous guy who like to f uck every chick on the block every day, you will probably still masturbate on a semiregular font. It all depends on your sex drive and how repeatedly you need it vs. how repeatedly you can get it. Which lead us to the second question.

2nd request for information:

No. First of all, semen doesn't come from your testicles. Semen is a combination of fluids that come from the prostate and the seminal vesicles. Sperm cell are made by the testicles and stored until needed there, but the actual fluid doesn't come from the testicles (contrary to popular belief). Secondly, the amount of semen released doesn't really control your sex drive. Your sex drive is base on the amount of testosterone in your system. The more you hold, the higher your sex drive is, the smaller quantity you have, the lower. That is why young boys have an unusually big sex drive during puberty (because of the production of testosterone) and why middle aged women's sex drive increases (because of the increased testosterone production around menopause.

If you don't ejaculate for a long time, you will a physical need to ejaculate semen (because of the buildup) or you will hold wet dreams. But that doesn't necessarily stingy you have a difficult sex drive. That just way that you aren't ejaculating ample with your current sex drive. Your sex drive is how habitually (on average) you get horny and judge about have sex, but not necessarily how often you be aware of the need to ejaculate. Sounds complicated but even though they are related, they are different.
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When u masturbat, u loose intrest surrounded by sex. So u can control your self in fromt of girl. but surrounded by long run u start loosing intrest in girls. First you will become bisexual & next Homosexual. so try & stop masturbating.

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