A query for ladies(but not little girls)?

I can't pinpoint what the triggering event is/was, but I have become intriqued and want a double frenum piercing (no it's not a performance/confidence) issue. I don't hold any other piercings but have a couple of tats (they enjoy to stay covered at work). I've researched and found the place to do the piercing and plan to have it done this week. That anyone said, I'm interested on women's views on guys near frenums; like them? dislike them? intriqued by them? or appalled by them?

Personally i enjoy never have be with a man that have a piercing down below.. But If my boyfriend came up to me and said that he considered necessary it pierced i would be all for it. I devise it looks hot and all.. the solely thing that would suck is the thriftiness during the healing time... I would also be afraid to take it lodged or stuck somewhere..
But go for it..
Just shut up and own sex
what is a frenum?
im sorry no i dont like that at adjectives.
I am wondering why this question is surrounded by the Men's Health section.

I would suspect that metallic implant placed in the location you mentioned would turn you into a great TV antenna.
er im not avid on the thought of the head of a guys penis person pierced lol
~Penile tissue: The word frenulum on its own is often used for the frenulum of prepuce of penis or frenulum preputii penis, which is an pliable band of tissue below the glans penis that connects to the prepuce, or foreskin to the vernal mucosa, and helps contract the prepuce over the glans.

Yikes, totally turned past its sell-by date. I don't think the penis wishes to be decorated, as long as it's circumcised, it looks dutiful to me!~
For the person who asked, the frenum is a small piece of skin specifically meant to attatch one cog to another. You have one underneath your tounge and you also hold one on the inside of your top and bottom lip. On men, there is another frenum on the bottom of the herald of the penis that attaches the foreskin to the shaft. If a guy is circumcised, he probably doesn't have one (although some guys do preserve their frenum's when they get circumcised). The frenum on the penis is in truth called a frenulum (which stands for small frenum).

This quiz should probably be in the broad health fragment since it's directed towards women. But I would just approaching to throw in my two cents here. I one-sidedly don't have a problem beside genital piercings at all (if i.e. what the person wishes to do). However, I would be careful when getting a frenum/frenulum piercing. The frenulum is one of the most sensitive parts of the penis for sexual pleasure. If you are circumcised and you still enjoy a frenulum, you are lucky! If you are not circumcised, the frenulum is important because it attaches the foreskin to the shaft. Either course, it's a delicate piece that you don't really want to screw next to. A piercing there is probably without blemish safe, but you never know. Prince Alberts and Jacobs Ladders are alternative penis piercings that you might consider as capably. If you do go ahead and want on the frenulum piercing, make sure that the being doing it seems justifiably experienced in that department and ask them question about it. As long as you can procure it done without a most important tear it should be perfect.

My best friend has a genital piercing and adjectives the girls he is with resembling it. However, that likely have to do with the type of girls he tend to go out near so it's mainly an individual nouns. If it's something that you definetely want to do, then do it. A girl who really like you isn't going to care that much come what may. But definetely don't do it because you think a girl might resembling it. Good luck!
I dislike them. You might have some private content time but in common I would say women DONT similar to them.
depends on the man and wat they like
if i be about to carry laid by you and you had your penis manager pierced i would personally be afraid that it would be rough to me. I really don't like it and dream up you're better off staying frenum free.

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