My dad and his dad own diabities, Whats the probability of me getting it?

Yeah so my dad and his dad (my grandad) both have diabites, What are the likelihood of me getting it, I also have 2 brothers, Is near anything i could do to make sure or sustain not to get it/?

There is a honourable chance you might acquire diabetes. What you can do to help is, maintain your weight underneath control, exercise and watch what and how much you munch through. If you do this, your chances are slim. Sometimes though, you will gain it no matter what. It in recent times depends on your pancreas
exercise and keep your blood sugar at stable level. dont over indulge on sweet snacks!
Zip, nadda, nyet. unless you choose to adopt their eating traditions.

Go to your google search engine and type within Diabetes is reversible, even if you were told its genetic, that's bull pucky...and later adopt a life style that will break the tiller with your classmates.

Its a life style to be fighting fit. Learn about low glycemic intake, raw fruits and vegetables, recipe, exercising etc.

Your doctor isn't involved in anything except to check your numbers. Not advise you on nutrition as they give somebody a lift an optional 4 hour nutrition course and the medical primer books are sponsored by the meat and dairy industry.

You have to look "outside" the medical paradigm to obtain answers as type 2 diabetes is reversible.

I know I'm being redundant, but beside a nation where the majority of populace think doctors own all the answers, its really tough to break down the obstruction of brain wash.

Sorry to hold offended anyone out here, but if you really want to get a feel on diabetes, either type 2 or type 1, afterwards you would go out of your course to take charge of your condition outside of the medical paradigm because you are responsible for saving your own life span, as the out come for diabetes is peripheral neuropathy, blindness, amputations, pedals chairs etc... You can avoid all of that by erudition how to reverse it and prevent it on your own.

Then, the next time you see your doctor, they will be impressed near your numbers.
get a physical every year and tolerate the doctor know to keep an eye out for indicators.

If you be aware of fine now, save eating right (not diet, but get through good foods) and excercise

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