Biceps trianing?

i was at the gym lately and i be doing bicep curls they were something like 10 kg a person walk up and went listen kid do lower weghts resembling 2kg and do load of reps ull own better toned arms is that true and why?

Unless you are going for bulky muscles, do low weight and large reps which gives toning and defininition minus huge bulk. High weight and low reps builds bulk.
yes do them slower and you will seize better results
yea heres the deal : Heavy counterbalance and low reps = build bulk and muscle. Low weight and elevated reps= toning (the "RIPPED" look). I think it is because since you are doing the low solidity so many repitions it get your arm going longer and lowers body fat satisfactory to show veins and stuff. im no expert but i work out and i can let somebody know you thats true!
Yes that is correct if you want tone. Use more weightiness and less reps if you want to size. Use smaller number weight and more reps for muscle definition. And dont forget the triceps so you own balance also.
I enjoy heard that you should do 8-12 reps for strength training and you should know how to do EXACTLY whatever number your reps are (I.E. if you be doing 10 you would be pushing really hard to be capable of do 8, then 9, later 10 and you wouldn't be able to complete an 11th rep).
That's true. When you do plentiful more reps at a lower weight, you are building truely strong muscles. Doing few glorious weight reps builds bulky, "inflatable" muscles. You know, the manner that look big and inflated at the gym, but look sort of flabby outside of the gym.
I dont know that I would drop from 10-2 kg, but if you are just trying to tone, rob 10 down to 5 for a while and see what happens.

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