From what thoughtful of doctor can procure treatments for Phimosis within Sri Lanka?

You can also try doing it yourself, most are successful.

Some may say that circumcision will fix it, but circumcision's risks include cut rate in sensitivity and pleasure, and making masturbation more difficult according to studies. There's a basis why the USA is the last remaining advanced nation still doing it, and even so, it's getting greatly less popular. Save that as a final resort, as you're doing.

I was indistinguishable when I was younger, and very soon it slides fine with no problems whatsoever. Just verbs back your foreskin when you shower the most you can minus forcing it, and rub the head. That should raise your spirits it to separate from the head. This is probably adjectives you have to do, since this is adjectives especially with teens. You only just haven't 'used' it enough, as contained by masturbation and washing it.

And if its to some extent tight, you can get a cream that works surrounded by over 90% of cases. It's 0.05% betamethasone or betamethasone dipropionate. And unlike circumcision it is very cheap ($12 within the USA), painless, and you don't risk decreasing sensitivity/pleasure and making masturbation more difficult.

If you feel that it's critical, e-mail me from my profile since I've gone through this. I'll be happy to answer any question.
go see a urologist.
In a hospital

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