When do growth spurts usually go down?

I'm 14 and i'll be turning 15 soon but i don't think i've experienced any growth spurts on the other hand. I'm only 5'1 and i know i won't be intensely tall because my parents are approaching 5'3. How many inches can i grow if i experience a growth spurt?

Answers:    Humans hold 2 growth spurts. One as a child and one as an adolescent at around 12-15. There are delayed bloomers.
Excessive exercising stunts your growth. Have a good diet, and upright sleep. I'm 14 and a half exactly and I'm 5'8. My dad is around 5'11 and mom 5'10.5. My dad comes from a long line of high-ceilinged people but stunted his own growth. If the genes are passed on, I can expect up to 6'5! And my mum comes from a long smudge of tall ethnic group. Lets see how I grow.
I take multivitamins, drink closely, and nap seriously, lol.

You most likely will take your fathers hight.
probably with the sole purpose 3 or 4.

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