Am i big/med/or small for a white 14 m?

i have a 5.5 inch when erected

The reality that you are white has nil to do with anything.
For 14, you are larger than most. You are within the range of average for an full-grown, and you have some growing time to move about!
you're a shorty.
Your'e seriously posting the size of your penis on the internet? That's funny. Thanks for the laugh.

And honestly, the size isn't close as important as the span. The walls of the vagina are extremely sensitive, so width matter much more than length.
Well when you understand that 6,0 is NORMAL SIZE for most MEN. at 14; 5,5, is a well brought-up size... besides it's not how you use's HOW YOU sign your name! Best Of Luck Little Bro
5.5 is pretty biddable for a 14yo i was a moment or two smaller at 14 but once you get elder itl grow more
That's perfectly majority. I'm 14 and I'm the exact same size. Don't worry.

e-mail me if you enjoy anymore questions for a fellow 14 year old-fashioned at
That is perfectly run of the mill.that is pretty much without a flaw average.

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