Anyone have a vasectomy reversal?

where did you own it done and how much did it cost you? was it a nouns?

My brother had a reversal, it be covered by insurance and it was hugely successful resulting in twins.
The smaller quantity time between the vasectomy and the vasectomy reversal, the higher the rate of a successful reversal. The nouns of the procedure will also depend on the skill of the doctor performing the surgery.

The procedure costs around $5,000, but the cost will depend on the doctor. It is important to select a doctor that perform the procedure regularly and has giant success rates.
Mine be performed outside of Sacramento, CA. The cost of my vasectomy reversal be around $6600.

It was successful; we're expecting untimely next month.
My husband have a vasectomy in 1990 and a vasectomy reversal surrounded by 2004, and unfortunately it be a failure. By 6 months he have zero sperm contained by his semen. At that time, we paid $5,000. This be performed by Dr. Grey surrounded by Tampa.

Right now we're going to try for another one, this time an epididymovasostomy where on earth the vas deferens will be attached to the epididymis. The physician is Dr. Buch in Plano, TX and our cost will be $8,300. We're hoping for some nouns this time! :)
A friend of ours had it reversed
I don't know if it cost him anything
But he have had two children since he have it reversed

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