***10 points to first most assiduous answer***I inevitability facilitate getting out of playing football!?

I play football for my high college and I have be injured because of my knee. I am going put money on to the doctors today to see if I can play. My knee still hurts for a time and I don't want to play anymore because it takes up instrument too much time of my life. How should I receive out of playing football? SHould I tell my doctor to update my mom that I he recommends me not to play? Would he do that for me?..I have need of HELP PLEASE!

Perhaps you can try to ask your doctor is he or she, can give you an excuse, bcoz you want to procure out of football, some Doctor do that. Or your mom can write a note for you to donate your coach telling him you cant play for this season anymore. try to cause up a belivable lie, so he will purloin it. I t would really work if your doctor gives you the document. Hmm, Tell your doctor that you really don't want to play anymore, and need an excuse to find out of it... I wish you right luck, and hope your doctor gives you a write down.. :}Ciao* Ps. If mom wont let you next it would be better that when you go to the doctor if you dance in in attendance by yourself, in the exam room, that bearing you will have more privacy to really transmit the doctor.. Let me know how it went ..
only just tell your mom that you dont want to play football, or speak that your knee is still course too sore to play anymore this season .
do wat i do and just quit the troop..we have a pretty biddable team and i of late told them ill be put money on the next year since imma just be a junior when school starts within august
jump stale a building then ull dance into a coma and wont have to play OR let somebody know the doctor that you can't walk
be in motion to your coach and parents and say i own become interested in other things since person benched and so i will not continue playing this year
Tell your mum you don't want to play anymore. It's the better agency. Be truthful! It will turn out better in the long run :)
You should enlighten your mom that you don't want to get injured and that you get the impression that there are other things that you should be doing besides playing football.You could also enlighten your coach that you quit for personal reasons
If you dont want to play.. Dont
I would sermon to your mom about how you consistency and that you are worried about your injury. My brother blew both of his knees, my oldest brother hurt his final, and now my younger brother is a full vertebrae on varsity, and my nephew is a running back.. They own all be slaves to the game.. But they own the will and the want.. I hope you make the best judgment for you.. Take care.
I would explain to your doctor that the toll on your body is too much and you don't want to verbs playing. Depending on the doctor they may help you. If it doesn't work.. Explain to your mom that you don't want to play football anymore. There is much more to existence then football. Your mom will get the message. And especially after you have be hurt. I'm suprised she isn't begging you not to shift back on the paddock.
Simply tell your mother that you are not interested within playing football anymore. Find something else to replace it. Say you are interested in doing something more eloquent. Maybe take guitar course or some other musical instrument. I'm sure your mother would understand.
Tell your parents that it is wrong to force you to do something that you do not wanna do, especially after your most up-to-date injury and that you wanna do something usefull with your vivacity. Don't lie. It solitary causes trouble.
Tell her you are gay and fairly takes up dance or acting.
tell your mom that you don't want to risk getting injured again
consequences1st report to your mom why you don't want to be in the football squad ! I would tell your doctor too why you merely want 2 quit this sport i believe its too dangerous for you and Tell your coach that its be fun being competent to play in the squad but your knee its getting too injured ! consequences
Being an developed is taking responsibility for your life and knowing what's big and what isn't. You don't need any excuses or someone to tell stories for you (wasn't that a plot on ER recently?). Lots of boys your age chose to quit the troop because they have other priorities and interests and in attendance are only so copious hours in the hours of daylight, and only 7 days contained by a week. I don't mean this contained by a sarcastic agency, believe me, but you don't need assist, just a backbone (self-confidence that you know what's contained by your own best interest). It will all work out for the best.
Tell your mother that it take too much of your time that you would rather spend on studying and getting excellent grades to travel to college. Most parents would be happy to know that you are thinking ahead and that you read the possibliity of future as a pro football player are miniscule. If she doesn't respect that attitude and thought process next I would wonder what her motives are to keep you playing immediately that you will be injury prone to that knee.
Let her know that you enjoy homosexual tendencies and should not be lifeless around naked, buffed men.
Tell her that it isn't that you don't want to quit football in recent times because you're bored of it and just don't want to (Well, it's the truth. you really don't want to play because it take up too much time. Just don't mention that =P) Explain to her the effects of all the pre-conditioning, training, practices, and games on your injury. It's already messed up and your injury still hurts.

Explain to her the long-term effects (knee trouble, extensive surgery) if you wear down your knees to the point that it hurts really badly. I close-fisted, you can run down the ligaments to the point that it's just your nerves one grated between two bare joint. Now that hurts.

Oh and ramble about how adjectives this extra time can be used partially to extend your erudition. Of course you won't use that much more of it, but you'll still get smarter and will own more time for projects and papers so that you don't come home from the big game the time before and imagine "OH CRAP! The paper!!"
hold on to telling the doctor your knees still hurts.
Sorry dude but your parents shouldn't force you to play.They should support your choice because it's you that will be physicaly hurting if you do blow out your knees.
Tell your doctor that you don't feel it's a biddable idea for you to verbs playing sports and to explain it to your parents.

Best of luck !
say that your knees still hurts and its gotten harder for you to play. and say that you requirement to focus on ur grades, cuz you feel approaching they are suffering because of all the time you are putting into football.
_hope it works out_
If your knees is still hurting then you shouldn't play anyway, i tried it when i be a freshman, got tackle really hard contained by a game and have to get screw in my knees (long story). So tell your doctor in the region of your knee pains because it could be more serious than you chew over. I doubt if he would recommend to your mom that you not play, especially if she is in the room during the nouns, but there is for a while hope on that. I think the solitary truthful way out of this is to a moment ago tell her you don't want to play football. And come up beside a constructive way that you are going to use that time since you will not be practicing anymore.
in good health if u dont like a sport, ur mom should respect that, and u should play another sport, but u could other just finish the season
dude of late tell ur mom after the injury u only just had u want to bring a year or 2 off!! by the time that time is over she will forget roughly speaking u starting agin!

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