Have you ever used Rogaine Foam? Does it work? Any side effects? Do you recommend it?

Rogaine is a topical solution for men (and I think for women too, but its most habitually marketed towards med).

Have you ever used Rogaine, any the foam or another version? And how did it work for you? Any side effects? Do you mull over its worth it? I just checked the price and it in actual fact is not that expensive.

I have never used the foam, but minoxidil...surrounded by the spray form...the active ingredient within Rogain I have be using for about 12 years immediately and I have around 10% loss of hair vs my friends who used zilch and are now smooth on top...CVS/Rite Aid brands...save your money...Rogain have nothing over them except price

39y/o NYC
Do some research. I hear that once your started to use it you have to other use it. If you ever stop any hair that come in contact near it will fall out.

Again, it is something I merely heard. Call a pharmacist and ask! Better secure then sorry!

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