I enjoy a problem for tight shirts & deodorant? curently using axe spray?

i wear very tight shirts...so which deodorant can i use that wont stian my tight shirt and one that will closing me a long time cuz the axe spray only end 4 a while and then i take smelly...help please

Answers:    i use this stuff thats mitchum, it works devout. i wear kinda tight shirts and they dont get stains and i smell (quite flawless, people report to me all the time they similar to how i smell).

i usually put deoderant right after drying the pits then budge on and dry legs, etc. and usually put the shirt on last so theres no wetness vanished
I would find a clear solid, such as Old Spice, that is also an anti-persperant. I use such a deodorant and my shirts aren't stained, and i smell dutiful all morning.

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