Bumps on penis?

I have Little Bumps on my penis they almost look like white heads. And I don't think that they are Pearly Papules.
I'm going to try to give you as much detail as possible.

They almost look like goose-bumps.
They are a white-sh coulor.
They stick out a little(not much at all)
They are on my sack and saft of my penis.
I started to notice them about 4 months ago on a skii trip.
some on them have grown a little bit.

I am on my journy throw puperty.
I have had gay un-protected sex once and that was just skin contact and anal sex ( but it didn't go all the way in:) )

It is quite possible that you are talking about Fordyce's spots. If they are Fordyce's spots, there is nothing to be done. There is no way to prevent them as they are thought to be sebacious glands. They are harmless, very common and most doctors refuse to treat them. Shower or wash as you always do as it has no impact at all.

The only treatment available is vaporizing laser therapy and, as I stated above, most doctors refuse to treat them. Believe it or not, Fordyce's spots are very common and very normal! Do not try to pop them or sqeeze them...it won't get rid of them and will only hurt the tissue of your penis.

Here is a photo to show you what they look like:

If this is not what they look like or you are still concerned, please see a urologist for a formal diagnosis.

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