About what age??

at about what age do mens sex drive step very low? also what should i do if i enjoy a higher sex drive afterwards my fiance?? he si 38 and i am 32

Howdy Jenn
Of course "sex drive" and testosteronee production are not the same point. Although testosteron production begins to decline around thirty five sexual motivation, romance, dedication and love (as we dub it)can grow/mature well into the nineties and beyond.
Aside from the age difference ( you are hard by your prime) two "lovers" are often on a "different page" but life/love must progress on. Keeping fresh, vital and fun is the essence of this go long intimacy.( I think ) As near any other aspect of life, research and experimenting often organize to a more rewarding experience.
Most relationships are usually reliant upon honest, open and decisive communication: Where this goes, your sex go will follow. Your fiance may be experiencing some stress due to this crazy world that we live in: Talk to HIM just about it..Let him know that it is safe (men are funny something like this)and that you are his safe harbor.
There is a fundamentally effective exercise where on earth in you sit/lie/stand divergent each other:solitary hand touching: eye and voice contact only+ as long as it have to last it will front you down the right path: Practice make perfect.
Enjoy !!
not at that 38 thats for sure..secondly find out who else he have started sleeping with
at age 38 masculine sex drives plummet
50+, you may need to find other sexual behaviors that will entertain your desires
I'm 60+ and I still enjoy love making any time any where on earth (can't go posterior into Safeway supermarket any more...he he..j/k).
The other night we go out into the van in the drive bearing for some 'slap and tickle' just for a transmute. woo buddy!

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