A mosquito bit me down within!!?

its not gettting erect as used to be! one night i slept minus clothes ..mosquitos where around.could that be the problem?

a mosquito bit ya huh?...capably, use it to your advantage lol, a moment ago kidding, you bleak boy you.
I don't see why a mosquito bite would do that.. if it doesn't get better jump see your doctor!
maybe you should try going to the doctor
I doubt the mosquito cause that.
I don't think mosquitos can do such a entity. Try to have the reckless heal and see it is spinal column to normal. If not, see a doctor..
Your problem have nothing to do next to a mosquito bite
Bird flu?
It did'nt erect as it used to be, because you're afraid and think mosquitoes own something to do with it. But, if you surmise it really cause the problem, dance to a doctor, say what you own explained to us and you'll find out that you're a d*** A**.


maybe you own malaria on your penis!lol

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