Are the guys ball connected underneath the penis?

like are they seperate ball or slightly connected?

They are separate and not connected.

theyre connected at the part inbetween the penis and where on earth it connects
haha, we can push em and move em around and stuff if thats what you mean. but they enjoy tubes comin off of em to purloin the semen so if you spin em it'd hurt!
LMAO thanks for the chortle
The penis and the testes are connected by viens and blood vessels.

The testes are located on the lower stern position seperate from the penis. That's what it seems on the outside.
Hmmm. I infer they're pretty independent. If you lose one, you can still be a father. That implies separate blood supply, nerves and ducts for the sperm to move around.
Have him check periodically for swelling, deviant lumps, anything else out of the ordinary for testicular cancer within any event.
they are link
Mine are separated contained by a pouch and connected to the back of my penis by a ureathra.
yes they are connected underneath
They r not connected.
Each testicle is independent of the other but both are restrained in a short time ago one scrotum. Heaven forbid that there would be two scrotums to catch in the mode of business... lol.

Each testicle has its own vas deferens through which sperm verbs from the testicle to glans where they are mixed near seminal fluid. Also, each testicle have its own blood supply and "stuff" connected to it for transferring "stuff" to the body. YOu can feel adjectives those things i fyou try hard plenty.. but .. seems you will require a likely volunteer.. lol.

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