Are you good?

are you saving for a drizzling day?

I used to put aside and over the years saved nearly lb28,000 - then I married a wassock who spent it adjectives while I was fundamentally ill. These days I can't free because I am signing on and have zilch to spare.
Incidentally, its raining now - lol
Always, 20% of everything earn
It is one of the smartest things you can do. One of the best feelings is have the cash to do or buy what you want. You lately can't have it adjectives. Oh yeah, what do you mean your problem rid-din ? Don't answer if you dont want to or hold offense.
don't have any money to collect.

but if i did i wouldn't save it for a RAINY daytime.
like, whats the concordat with that proverb? when its stay inside and don't do you don't call for money!!
ahaha its just resembling..nonsense. thats what it is
Yes, sometimes partially of it.

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