Are guys bigger when they do it than when they masterbate?

I'm a guys who's a total virgin. I have hear some guys say they are bigger when they do it near a girl than by hand.

Its not something guys customarily talk roughly so I haven't asked.

Can anyone let me know?

I used to imagine I was the solely guy who thought this, I am definitely bigger when I do the tangible thing. About an inch and thicker too, but at hand are times when sex is average and its not as big.
It's pretty much the same. You may be a tiny tiny bit bigger because you are harder when it's the tangible thing, but not satisfactory to even notice.
I doubt it. They might consistency "bigger" because they're more excited.
You can have sex or masturbate beside varying levels of firmness. It's probably different for different guys.
You do get harder and a short time bigger sometimes. It depends how sexy she is.
not much difference in those two cases
a short time bit bigger yes. its because the arousal is more significant with the womanly.
erect is erect, no matter the type of stimulation. Now what IS true is that masturbation can ensue without the penis one totally erect, just fairly. Sex, on the other hand, typically requires the full erection.

Bottom Line: you wont be any bigger for sex, conceivably a little harder, not bigger.
ask your parents or you should ask your brother if you hold one..
Masturbating will NEVER compare to the real article. Your size during sex have profusely to do with your hormones, which are more busy while your having sex. When you are masturbating, you arent as "pumped", or excited as when you are doing the valid thing. But, every once contained by a while, its the total opposite, and your not as psyched roughly sex, so you go rotten and you masturbate, and youre a lot bigger than you be when you had sex.
The concept is close to this, the time will come by hook or by crook someday. Just wait for it. By the means of access, by doing it with your appendage, will make you be aware of "not fun" when the first time you doing it with your girl. Believe me. :-)

This could be the travel case however, your size is typically determined by how aroused you are. Sometimes guys get so aroused, their penises are stretched to the max and it hurts and other times, not so much. But you can without a doubt see your max when masterbating if you are aroused enough. Hope this clarifies the thing for you!
not really, there is no control on how much it can grow.
There are degree. you can get for a time bigger if more excited -- more blood flow to the unit -- bigger.
thats not true
No it doesn't bring bigger. How does your dick know a ***** from your hand? they discern almost the same except the ***** is looser and as a result doesn't provide the friction your hand does.
U r right.
Don't listen to adjectives these virgins and their imaginations. That's lately completely silly talk. Ask yourself, why on loam would it miraculously get any bigger?

The answer have to be NEGATIVE.

Now here's a twist for you.. would it take any bigger if it wasn't a girl? Of course not.

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