Am I addicted to sex?

I need sex at least possible once a day but can be as much as four times a hours of daylight, I am 40yrs old and other had a illustrious sex drive. Should I be slowing down by now.

Never slow down.simply four times a day?...I'm on 6 a light of day and loving it
Dont worry just about it and enjoy iy while you can .
no mate infer yourself lucky
good luck to you
I'm guessing that you don't 'need' it but a bit 'want' it
No enjoy it befor it go down
Enjoy your power!
Not unless it's a problem for you.
Same problem here. The only time it will finish for me is when they put the last pin in the coffin and cover me next to dirt.
There are more impotent factors that determine addiction than frequency. Why slow down? Get as plentiful as you can and enjoy them adjectives.
Yes, u r addicted 2 sex and yes, u should b slowing down!
thats perfectly fine you should soak up it as much as possible
go too sex annonymous to determine if your addicted
oooo no no no- hold on to going for the gold!
why do you 'need' sex at most minuscule once a day? If you 'need' it afterwards you have an addiction xx
Don't verbs about it, newly enjoy.
Try ration for say 3 days... afterwards let her own it BIG TIME!
keep it going but cause sure that the women does not start to feel that this guy is just after sex.
Nah, stick at it you can't have too much, maintain practising you will get the hang down of it eventually.
as long as your partner is happy it does not event

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