Am i the lone guy on soil that wipe after going pee?

Now most guys will tell you they lately shake it and they're done... but for me, after I go pee I other have some departed in the cracks and crevices of the foreskin... so I wipe it to spawn sure it's all dry..

You're a Peewiper! You're a Peewiper! Ha ha-ha ha HA ha!
No, you are not the one and only one :)
thats why u get you all that trouble...
Good Job!
I other do.. otherwise you always get that little extra drop that ends up on your underwear.
It just money you are a very verbs person. Which is a well brought-up thing.
wipe after you pee? Are you sure your a guy? I am not doubting that you be technically born a male, complete next to twig and berries but I am seriously doubting you are a manly kind of man. Let me guess, You sit on the pot when you steal a leak too? I suppose you use a napkin when you munch through to? Sad! Pathetic! Move out of the city and man up you sissy boy.
Well, you could have fooled me. I would hold thought you were the one and only one, having raise four sons and having a husband. But at hand are guys on here who have answered you, and they articulate you're not. So, good for you, and for adjectives of them.

Thanks from your moms and wives. ; )
I dunno if other guys do it but its a very devout thing cuz ur keeping urself verbs...keep it up:)
I hope not, but unfortunatly from most of the guys I enjoy known they simply fling it around until it is dry, I know from having an ex that be uncircumsized that it is harder to keep verbs and it's good that you do and for adjectives the guys out there that don't wipe, do u ever wonder why mens restrooms other smell like pee?
ur the merely one man
I WISH MORE GUYS WOULD!! My husband and 3 boys are circumcised, however, we still taught our sons to do so.
that is to say the gayest thing ive ever hear
thank you, from a wife that laundered 40 years of sickly dribbles from the shorts of a shake only guy.
Your the just guy i have ever hear of who has clearly stated to the public that he wipes his penis after pissing.
hear of shaking it!
No problem with that, I know some guys who do it, and I know at lowest possible one of those was circumsied. I expect it's good you are mortal hygienic. Incidentally, I can't believe people are advocate circumcision here!
if you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat and wipe the form =)
Its good that you do, its basically a little freaky that you transmit everyone about it.
I don't... I shake it

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